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Fossil men’s watches may look like classic watches because of their retro styling, Fossil is a relatively new company. From a humble start in 1984, Fossil has become an international success, with a worldwide distribution network and as a group exceeded $2 billion sales in 2011.

Tom Kartsotis , the company entrepreneurial founder, funded the start-up with his personal savings and started with small order of 1500 watches from a Hong Kong based manufacturer and exported these watches to the US, selling them to Dallas department stores, which his brother had knowledge of.

In fact, it was Tom’s older brother, Kosta Kartsotis, a merchandising executive in a Dallas department store, Sanger Harris, who gave Tom the idea of buying reasonably priced watches and exporting them to the US. As a merchandising executive, Kosta was well placed to understand the market and the potential profits to be made from exporting watches from China. Originally called ‘Overseas Products International’, Tom used his savings to buy his first watches and with careful thought and planning quickly expanded the company.

During the initial stages of this growing new company, Tom hired Lynne Stafford as a designer. She created the retro style of Fossil men’s watches from looking at used magazines from the 1940’s– 60s’ to get a sense of the style and fashion that took place during those years. Consumers loved the look and the Fossil brand was able to stand out from the rest of the market because of it. It was not only the watches that were a success, so were Tom and Lynne, who were later to marry each other.

As well as the retro, Tom also worked on the company’s distribution network. He could see the Fossil men’s watches he was importing were selling well, so concentrated his efforts on increasing the distribution network. The company continued to grow and was able to obtain financing from Asian manufacturers to progress his company.

By 1987, Tom’s company had a turnover of $2 million. Tom’s brother Kosta, joined the company in 1988 and was responsible for expanding the distribution of the watches.

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The Growth of Fossil Men’s Watches

Apart from the winning retro looks and strong distribution, Fossil concentrated on their merchandising and packaging. They understood the appeal of having an attractive image and packaged their watches in wooden and tin boxes which added to the nostalgic appeal of their products. The Fossil tins and boxes often attractively painted have, in fact, become a collector’s item in their own right. Fossil men’s watches were cleverly marketed as adventurous watches and were actively aligned with the then popular “Indiana Jones” films. In just two years from 1987 to 1989, the company’s annual sales rose from $2 million a year to $20 million. Even this growth has now been eclipsed as Fossil men’s watches are sold around the world. As well as expanding the range of Fossil men’s watches to include ladies watches and many other products, Fossil have also acquired other companies, the latest being Skagen, a Danish watch manufacturer and distributer for a reported $220 million.

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Fossil Men’s Watches Overview

Fossil men’s watches usually retail between £45-£120. As well as being well priced, modern manufacturing techniques have allowed Fossil men’s watches to be well made too. The company’s products are constantly being improved with a new and different designs and choices. Although the brand is a fashion conscious brand and generally aimed at a younger market, the retro feel of many of the watches make them appealing to a very wide audience and are worn by men of all age groups.

Fossil Mens Watches – Styles

Typical Fossil Men’s Watch

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• Leather Fossil men’s watches

The leather strapped watches by Fossil are generally heavy brown leather with stitching to give it a youthful and fun look. Sometimes the watches have a ‘cuff’ feel almost like a piece of jewellery. The chunky look of these watches lend themselves to a casual look and are not formal. There are a few watches that are toned down and capable of being worn at work or with a suit but these watches are a minority. The leather styles and shades are constantly changing but always very popular.

• Shades Of Steel

The stainless steel look is a standard look for many watch companies, but steel Fossil men’s watches are not standard. They have a real modern feel with a classic retro twist. The steel look watches tend to be a mixture of brushed polished steel. The watches are a little larger than standard but in keeping with modern sizes. These watches are top sellers for Fossil and are great for both casual informal wear, as well as being smart enough to wear with a suit at work.

• Black Steel

These watches are very similar to the classic steel look watches mentioned above, but come in a black shade. These ‘black-out’ watches are in keeping with current designs. Keeping with current designs is another common theme which you will always find with Fossil men’s watches

• Chronograph Fossil Men’s Watches

These watches are typical of fossil men’s watches and a lot of Fossil fans will say this is their favourite type of watch and it continues to be one of the most popular. The chronograph watch is typically an analogue design with three sub dials on the main dial. They come in leather, rubber and metal straps as well as a variety of shades from silver to rose gold.

• Mechanical

There are only a few mechanical watches in the range, as generally mechanical watches are very expensive to make. However, as modern methods of producing mechanical watches have improved, prices of these types of watches have become more reasonable. Fossil do have some men’s watches that are mechanical but they are few and far between. Some of the mechanical watches have an exhibition case back allowing the wearer to view the inner workings of the watch. Off all the Fossil men’s watches, the mechanical watches are likely to become the most collectable watches in the future.

• Ceramic

Ceramic is a relatively new material for watches. They have a sleek feel and are have a generally different to the other watches. Typically they come in all black or all white.
• Convertible

The convertible watches are not a new concept but are still innovative nonetheless. The idea is for the consumer to be able to change the overall look of the watch by simply taking the strap off and mixing and matching with other straps of different colours and materials.
Ladies watches

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Although Fossil is largely associated with men’s watches they do have a small but popular range of ladies watches which also have a very different look and feel to most other brands and we may get a chance to discuss these watches at a later date.

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Even with a current difficult economic market, the market for Fossil men’s watches continues to do well. The retro look has continued as a current trend in fashion. Even if the retro look ceases to be popular, the theme of keeping in trend with modern styles will surely see fossil adapting their marketing to suit the look of the day. Fossil continues to strive as a company and meet the needs of their market by tailoring their products accordingly. Fossil is no longer a single brand and the name has grown into a company that owns many brands and has diversified into many other products. We are sure they will continue to grow and develop. We look forward to seeing where this all leads.

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